Wednesday, December 11, 2013

as promised a new picture

 As you can see my breasts have gotten bigger and can now fill a 36c bra . With just a little help some awesome cleavage. Though I cant afford any more hormones' at this time I with get more in the future and post my progress. I do love how much they have grown and want them to get bigger .I love how soft my skins is when taking them. Kisses all Kelly

Monday, October 21, 2013

Oh the feeling

I'm almost finished with my first bottle of Evanesce extra strength. It has a testosterone blocker in it so it works a little faster than just a breast enhancer. But to get to my title. I had forgotten the feeling of how the hormones make my skin feel so soft and the way my breasts tingle just a little as they grow. How hard my nipples get when I just brush up against something. I purchased 4 bottles of the Evanesce. The directions say to take 3 twice a day with water and food for the best results. and so far. I'm loving the feeling and the way my breasts are showing growth. Will take pictures after the next bottle. Kisses to all my followers . Kelly

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Trying again

Well after almost a year and a half off of Evanesce Extra Strength I am giveing it another try. So for the next 2 months I will be taking it to see if my breast get any bigger. And to answer my friend Danelle. the women in my family have large breats so I think thats why they seam so big already. Thank you for all who have veiwed my blog and will try harder to keep you updated. Kisses and hugs to all Kelly

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Just a update about my breasts. Though I have not had any feminising hormones in months my breasts still seam to be growing. though very so slowly. They are now filling a 32 B bra with out any help or padding as you can see by this picture the cleavage is more pronounce from the last one.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Breast up date

Now on bottle 9 and thanks to Danyelle of Danyelle's Tg  Story blog. I finished number 8 with the help of a testosterone blocker and now I can really see a difference . As you can see in the photo they are now filling this bra yes that's my cleavage. Even I can't believe how they have grown in just a month. Now I'm looking forward to getting two more bottles of testosterone blocker to go with my feminizing herbs. When I run or jump they bounce and I love the feeling of having my own breasts. Love Kelly

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just For Her

This has been in  my head for awhile and it's time to let it out! 

As a man I did alot of stupid things. Like run out of shampoo and not lowering the toilet seat back down. But one day as I needed a shower all I could find was this shampoo, conditioner and body wash that said Just For Her. Well needing a shower really bad and no time to run to the store I jumped in and started use the just for her products.
As I used the shampoo I could feel what was like my hair was growing just a little.Then the conditioner said leave in so I did as I used the body wash. That felt amazing as I washed my in tire body my skin felt silky smooth not that I had much body hair anyway. The whole time my head was tingling and it was an awesome feeling. I finished rinsing I couldn't help myself I had to look in the mirror and at first I didn't really notice but my face was alittle more feminine than before my shower. As I was standing there i heard a little voice inside my head ( Saying you need to take your vitamins ) so I went to the medicine cabinet and got out 3 bottles that said ( Just For Her) and without hesitation I took a pill from each bottle. I walk to the fridge and got a bottle of water and  yes it said ( Just For Her) lol
My girlfriend got home as I was jacking out running my hands all over my new soft skin. I didn't hear her come in as she watched from the bedroom door. Then she said ah you used my products didn't
you. and alittle ashamed I said yes.
You see she worked for a pharmaceutical company and was working on a spceical project called you guessed it. Just For Her
 She didn't seam mad at all and said that they need another test subject well she and  made sure I took another shower this time with her making sure I cleaned every inch.
When we were through she had me take more vitamins and more water. Well needless to say she took me to the mirror and to my surprise my whole body was changing not only was my hair longer now down to my neck but my lips were fuller and my skin was even softer than the first time. My body was more feminine now too I could see curves  starting to show and cute little breasts.The a shock hit me like a ton of bricks I CAN'T GO TO WORK LIKE THIS!
As she calmed me down she said it's ok you can quit your job the company I work for ( Female Inc) will pay you as a test subject $2,000 a week. So from now on your telling me I have to keep using all the products every day twice a day and get paid $2,000 week. And she said yes and after all I know about the web sites you visit and I know this is a dream come true for you and now I can come home to the lesbian girlfriend I have always wanted.  I knew that you would have to start using all this because I made sure all of your shampoo and thing would run out before you could go buy more. And lol I'm amazed you took to it so fast. I mean look at you by the end of the month you will be a beautiful young woman instead of a frumpy guy.  From now on I know you will do everything I do to stay that way plus by the way your cock has already shrunk you should have a cute little pussy by the end of the month as well.

It's now been 3 months and if I do say so myself I look amazing! my hair is now down to my ass and very wavy a deep dark brown. my breasts are a perfect 38DD. My waist is 24 inches and my hips are 38 I look awesome in the dresses my girlfriend wants me to wear so skin tight.And oh yes my face my mother wouldn't even recignize me even though I look just like her
 Female Inc has doubled it's profits and gave my a raise since I'm now their spokes person for Just For Her. And though it was made to enhance the women who used it it dose wonders for the men who want to use it as well. Lets just say I never want to go back to being a man.
The end

Friday, December 9, 2011


I have started bottle number 8 and have really noticed how much softer and smoother my hair and skin are.the hair on my legs and arms is getting lighter and making shaving easier.
I have also noticed i seam to be getting smaller with the exception of my breasts and ass. LOL
My nails are growing faster now with the mix of Biotin and feminizing herbs. The tips are so white I don't need to use anything but clear polish. I am so excited to see my body change more as the moths go on . Thank you for the comments so far and will keep you updated as is goes . Love Kelly